Players Share What Happens After You’re Voted Off ‘Survivor’

Players often have to deal with the consequences of overeating, muscle loss, and infections.

Ciera Eastin and Malcolm Freberg sitting on a log with some smoke in the background on "Survivor"

Ciera Eastin and Malcolm Freberg on “Survivor: Game Changers.”

CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Former players said that after living on a remote island with little food for weeks, their bodies sometimes had a difficult time adjusting to post-“Survivor” life. 

Several players told Insider that it’s common to eat yourself sick at Ponderosa. Apostol said he had to take medicine for his digestive tract because he did “horrible things to it.”

Many players also lose a significant amount of weight on the island, but Freberg — who said he once dropped 25 pounds in a single season — said his biggest bodily change was lost muscle mass. 

“I don’t work out like I was when I was a teenager or anything like that, but I can’t build the muscle mass back,” Freberg said. “I always had skinny legs and now they’re just twigs, and I don’t think that’s ever going to come back.”

Other ailments can require extra medical attention. Boehlke said she had to go to the hospital after a urinary tract infection she got on “Survivor: Game Changers” that spread to her kidneys. 

“I was in the hospital for a week with a very severe kidney infection,” Boehlke told Insider. “It was also affecting my other organs, so my heart was in a weakened state.” 

Patel also said she went to the hospital after a UTI turned into a painful bladder infection. Multiple players told Insider that CBS covered their medical costs after the show. 

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