Mysterious Lights In The Sky Puzzle Residents In Punjab City

Residents described seeing a string of bright, white lights.


A line of bright lights darting through in the night sky in Punjab’s Pathankot left residents confused on Friday evening.

The phenomenon appeared in the sky for a few minutes shortly before 7 pm.

“We saw the fast-moving object with bright lights, like a train. It looked just like a train at a distance. The light was very bright and white. It was the first time we saw something like this. We saw it for five whole minutes, after which it vanished,” said one resident.

The unidentified object also sparked chatter on Twitter.

Earlier this year, mysterious rows of bright blinking lights gliding across the sky were sighted in Gujarat’s Junagadh and the surrounding region.

At that time, experts had suggested that the lights appeared to have been satellites passing through a low earth orbit.

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