Adele Compared Herself to Voldemort When Her Eyebrows Aren’t Dyed

  • Adele was a guest on NikkieTutorials’ YouTube channel. 
  • The “30” singer told the Youtuber that she resembles Voldemort when her eyebrows aren’t dyed. 
  • “They go so pale and blonde,” Adele said. 

Adele told the popular YouTube blogger NikkieTutorials (real name Nikkie de Jager) that she resembles Harry Potter villain Voldemort when her eyebrows aren’t dyed. 

The 33-year-old singer was the latest guest on an episode of de Jager’s  “Power of Makeup” YouTube series where she interviews personalities while doing their make-up. During the episode, Adele spoke about her latest album “30,” her drinking habits, and, of course, her makeup routine. 

“If I don’t dye my eyebrows — these are dyed — then I look like Voldermort. They go so pale and blonde,” Adele told de Jager as they worked through a makeup tutorial. 

Adele later recalled a time that she was photographed leaving a Lady Gaga show in London when her eyebrows weren’t dyed.

“I looked crazy. I looked like an elfling or something,” she said. “My eyebrows were so blown out from not being dyed. My baby was like 6 months old, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t brush my teeth really.”

A picture of Adele with Nikkie de Jager.

Adele with Nikkie de Jager.


Later during the episode, Adele teased the upcoming music video for her song “I Drink Wine” and described the video as “the campiest thing you’ll ever see.”

The pair also discussed Adele’s own drinking habits, which inspired the single. 

“I would normally drink to make other people interesting, rather than to spice myself up,” she said. “People at parties are bloody boring. It’s true!”

Elsewhere during the episode, Adele told de Jager that the one celebrity that she believes she would freak out after meeting would be Dwayne Johnson because she was a big wrestling fan as a child. 

“Someone I’ve never met that I think I would actually cry is The Rock but I know he goes by Dwayne Johnson,” she said. “I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger.” 

Earlier this month, it was reported that Adele’s “30” was the top-selling album of 2021.

The album, which was released on 19 November, sold more than 660,000 equivalent album units — which includes audio and video


and individual track sales — in just three days topping the total sales of any other album released over the past 11 months combined in just three days, according to metric reports tracked by Billboard. 

The British singer launched her fourth album with a TV special, which was hosted by Oprah Winfrey and featured appearances from stars such as Lizzo, Melissa McCarthy, and Drake.

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