Gervonta Davis Calls Ryan Garcia ‘Instagram Fighter’ and ‘Pretty Girl’

  • Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are two of the biggest stars in world boxing.
  • Should they fight each other, it would likely be one of the best-selling fights in combat sports.
  • Downplaying his rival, Davis claimed Garcia is “an Instagram fighter” and a “pretty girl.”

Gervonta Davis is downplaying one of his biggest boxing rivals Ryan Garcia, who he called an “Instagram fighter” and “pretty girl,” in a no-holds-barred interview this week.

“[He’s an] Instagram fighter,” Davis said, according to Boxing Scene. “We don’t worry about him. YouTuber, yeah. He’s a pretty girl. That’s what he is. He just talks.”

A social media celebrity, Garcia is one of the few fighters — alongside “Tank” Davis, who resonates with his significant fanbase — to have transcended hardcore boxing fans by capturing mainstream sports fans, too.

It helps that, while both are wildly popular people, they are gifted at what they do — fighting.

Garcia is an exciting boxer who climbed off the canvas to score a big knockout win over Luke Campbell at the start of the year, but has not fought since then.

Davis, meanwhile, is a stud himself. Throughout his career he has consistently captured wins against solid opposition in front of raucous crowds and done so all across the the US — from Baltimore to Los Angeles, via Atlanta and San Antonio.

Both guys have played their part in building a rivalry over the years, using the start of the lockdown era in sports to trash one another in the media.

Insider has also spent time speaking to decision-makers behind-the-scenes — Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, and Golden Boy Promotions partner Bernard Hopkins — who told us that, when the fight does happens, it will be the biggest event boxing could possibly make.

Garcia recently spoke about Davis on his Twitter account.

“Tank can’t beat me,” Garcia said. “He knows that, and [Floyd] Mayweather knows that. I’m too fast and I got too much accuracy.

“C’mon Mayweather,” Garcia said, imploring the retired boxer to play his part in making the fight. “You can’t protect him forever.”

Mayweather disputes that he’s ever shied away from pairing Davis, who has won championships in three weight classes, against Garcia.

“For those that don’t know, we tried to make this fight before, the kid, Ryan Garcia. We tried to make the fight,” said Mayweather.

Ellerbe added: “I tried to make the fight and they didn’t wanna fight — bottom line.”

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