Pak Embassy In Serbia Tweets Parody Video Targeting Imran Khan

Watch: Pak Embassy In Serbia Tweets Parody Video Targeting... Imran Khan

Pakistan’s embassy in Serbia tweeted a criticism of Imran Khan

New Delhi:

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing a Twitter crisis. In what was seen as a big embarrassment for him, the official Twitter handle of Pakistan’s embassy in Serbia posted a rather strange message severely criticising their Prime Minister back home.

“With inflation breaking all previous records, how long do you expect Imran Khan that we government official(s) will remain silent and keep working for you without been paid for past 3 months and our children been forced out of school due to non-payment of fees
Is this naya (new) Pakistan?” Pakistan’s embassy in Serbia, which is a verified handle with a blue tick, tweeted.

“I am sorry, Imran Khan, am not left with another option,” the embassy tweeted, along with a parody music video on the Pakistani Prime Minister.

In the comments section, many asked who is running this handle, and whether the account has been hacked. Yet, some defended whoever posted the tweets as an act of desperation.

No Pakistani government official has responded to the tweet yet.

“Pakistan is on verge of sovereign default. It would be better for you to sell the embassy property and settle in some western country,” a Twitter user said.

Another tweeted, “The authorities must take strict action against the personal controlling this account. This is not a joke. It’s an official page representing Pakistan.”

In October, it was reported that inflation for the last three years in Pakistan had reached the highest level in the past 70 years, which led to protests by opposition parties. Food prices have doubled, while the prices of ghee, oil, sugar, flour and poultry have reached record high.

“The country is paying the price for inflation, economic devastation and unemployment and the government has no realisation that it is not only the poor but even those holding white-collar jobs that have been crushed by it,” the opposition Pakistan Muslim League (N) chief Shahbaz Sharif had said.

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