Elon Musk says he will continue to run Twitter, reveals his plans for future CEO

Elon Musk has announced that he will continue to run Twitter for the time being, until the company is in a ‘strong place’. This follows Musk’s announcement in a Delaware court that he is looking for a leader to head Twitter. Eventually, he plans to hand over the operations of the company to the new leader. Elon Musk was summoned by the court to justify his $56 billion pay package at Tesla to its investors.

Elon Musk was questioned if he is actually planning on leaving Twitter as the head. To which he said, that he will continue to run it till it is in a strong place. In the tweet, Elon Musk said, “Correct. I will continue to run Twitter until it is in a strong place, which will take some time.” 

During the hearing, Elon Musk assured the court and Tesla investors that he’s giving Twitter the initial push required to re-organize it efficiently. He also plans to eventually reduce his involvement in the company. 

He said, “There’s an initial burst of activity needed post-acquisition to reorganize the company. But then I expect to reduce my time at Twitter.” During the hearing, he was also accused of using Tesla’s engineers for work at Twitter. However, Elon justified it by saying that the engineers did that voluntarily. He also claimed that this was done “after hours.” 

As talks about a new CEO rose, former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey was also asked if he would be willing to join as CEO. He simply said “Nope”.

Musk has introduced an avalanche of changes in Twitter, since his takeover in late October. Musk not only fired the top executives, but he also laid off half of Twitter’s entire workforce. Contract workers for Twitter had it even worse. Around 80 per cent of them were removed. Reportedly, most of them were involved with content moderation on the platform. 

Elon Musk also introduced a whole new model of subscription. He announced that the verified Blue checkmark will not be free. Users will have to pay $7.99 for a Twitter Blue subscription on a monthly basis. The subscription had rolled out last week. However, it was rolled back due to impersonator accounts spreading fake information with the blue checkmark.

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