‘Butt Punt’ Nearly Derails Dolphins Win Over Bills

  • The Miami Dolphins survived a thriller against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.
  • While the Dolphins were holding on to their lead, a “butt punt” nearly derailed their victory.
  • Thomas Morstead’s punt went directly into the rear end of one of his teammates, resulting in a safety.

Football is a game of inches.

Sometimes those inches include your butt.

In the fourth quarter the Miami Dolphins were holding on to a 21-17 lead over the Buffalo Bills. After stopping the Bills at the goal line, the Dolphins were pinned against their own end zone with less than two minutes left to play.

The Dolphins suffered a quick three-and-out, and were forced to punt deep in their own territory.

With limited space to work with, punter Thomas Morstead took the snap, and proceeded to kick right into the rear end of his teammate.

The play resulted in a safety, as well as some amazing photos.

Mark Sanchez, who suffered the infamous “Butt Fumble,” had a laugh on Twitter.

Due to the safety, the Bills got the ball back trailing just 21-19, needing only a field goal to win.

But the Dolphins defense would hold, as the clock ran out on the Bills before they could spike the ball for a final kick to win.

The Dolphins survived the butt punt and took home a 21-19 victory.

Somehow, it was only the second weirdest safety to take place on Sunday.

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