How International Heroin Trafficking Actually Works

  • David McMillan is a former heroin smuggler.
  • McMillan estimates he trafficked over $17 million worth of heroin internationally.
  • Since leaving the heroin-smuggling trade, McMillan works as an author and public speaker.

David McMillan is a British-Australian former drug smuggler. He was arrested several times between the early 80s and 2012 for trafficking heroin through south east and central Asia. He estimates to have trafficked over 17 million dollars worth of heroin internationally. 

McMillan speaks to Insider about the process of heroin trafficking and smuggling routes leading to the US and Europe. Since leaving the heroin smuggling trade, David worked as a public speaker, he is the author of “Escape” (2007) and “Unforgiving Destiny” (2017). 

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