Things I Learned After Taking 77 Hours of Trains + Things to Know

There’s no Wi-Fi on certain Amtrak routes, and even when there is, it can be spotty.

person holding a book open while riding on an amtrak train

I made sure to bring a book on the train.

Diana Kruzman

The California Zephyr (the first leg of my journey) didn’t have Wi-Fi on board, and cell service going through the Sierra Nevada mountains and parts of Nevada, Colorado, and Nebraska was poor or nonexistent.

But I came prepared by downloading some movies and bringing along reading material, which helped pass the time when I couldn’t use the internet. 

Not having Wi-Fi can make traveling by train somewhat inconvenient if you’re trying to work remotely. Even on the Cardinal line, which technically offers Wi-Fi, I found the service cut in and out frequently.

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