Kim Kardashian Says People Will Be ‘Surprised’ by New Season

  • Kim Kardashian expects fans to be “surprised” by the first episode of season two of “The Kardashians.” 
  • She told “GMA” that the episode, which hasn’t had many promos, will be “seriously deep, vulnerable.” 
  • She added that the new season is her “season of independence.” 

Kim Kardashian said people will be “surprised” by the first episode of season two of “The Kardashians,” which premieres Thursday on Hulu. 

“The one thing I’m really excited about for the premiere episode is we haven’t done any promos on it, we’re not going to,” Kardashian told Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America” Tuesday. “It’s, like, a really seriously deep, vulnerable episode that we really haven’t talked about so I think people will be really just surprised.”

She added that she hopes people “will enjoy” getting to see the first episode.

In the trailer for season two, as Strahan pointed out, Kardashian said this is her season of independence. 

“I feel that way. I just think that you see me making decisions for myself, obviously always thinking about my kids, but generally just doing things for myself,” Kardashian said. 

Season two of the reality series is expected to cover Kardashian’s short-lived relationship with “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson, her legal studies, and her new business ventures.

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