New Year Resolution: Complete protection for family… Check!

It’s November already and 2021 is coming to a close. The past two years went by in the blink of an eye, cooped out inside our houses, keeping safe, dealing with a dreaded virus. They reminded us of the vulnerability of our family members. Of how insufficient all our protection for them is in the face of such an unexpected calamity. Of how ineffective all our financial planning is when businesses shut down because of a pandemic we never thought we will ever see. They reminded us to take a look at our books again, check our investments, review our finances. That we need a stronger, more efficient protection system for our loved ones. A safety net to fall back upon so that they are never left wanting. THAT protection begins with an effective, all-rounder of an insurance plan. One that will secure your family’s future even if you are not around.

While there are many plans inundating the market, you want one that is tailored to suit your family’s needs. One that not only meets their daily financial requirements but also helps them live their lives to the fullest. A plan that will be rock solid by their side, supporting them in case of any eventuality. Like one that would boast of the following features:

1. The option to consolidate – One of the most important features of a plan is whether it allows you to consolidate and put together policies for you and your spouse into a joint cover, thereby avoiding unnecessary hassles and paperwork. You want to opt for one that gives you the liberty to choose from a range of policy terms up to 40 years.

2. The surety of returns – A new year means a fresh look at your financial planning. Are you doing everything right? Investing right? Do you have sufficient financial backup for your family? Do you have the right insurance plan? Because you need one that offers guaranteed returns. Nothing like the surety of a maturity benefit payable as lump sum at the close of a policy, is there? Think of it a savings account-cum-insurance policy rolled into one. You not only get coverage for the duration of the plan you have chosen, you have a neat amount waiting for you at the close of the policy, if you happily outlive the policy. An absolute win-win.

3. Benefits that get multiplied – It is prudent to choose a plan that multiplies benefits at the close of the policy. In case of the unfortunate demise of the policy holder, your family gets the maximum possible monetary support. For example, HDFC Life Sanchay Fixed Maturity Plan’s Death Benefit Multiple (DBM) gives you up to 10-15x of the premium depending on your age and premium payment term. This ensures you get more, much more out of your investment. We cannot think of a better and more lucrative new year gift for the family than this.

4. Riders that complete your policy in every way – Riders are a very important part of any policy to ensure your plan is customized to meet your requirement. It is important to opt for plans that have critical illness riders and accidental disability riders, to keep yourself and your family safe from the unexpected challenges that life might throw at you. The HDFC Life Sanchay Fixed Maturity Plan has all the aforementioned features and boasts impressive riders like:

  • a. HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider – However safe you might try to keep yourself, especially on the road, unexpected events can occur. The loss of income and the financial stress in such a condition would have been massive if this rider wasn’t around to have your back, ensuring additional monetary benefits over and above your sum assured.
  • b. HDFC Life Critical Illness Plus Rider – In cases of failing health when you have been diagnosed with a critical illness, the loss of stable income is made worse by the exponential medical bills. With this rider, the policy holder gets a lump sum amount equal to the sum assured upfront i. in case any such illness is identified.
  • c. HDFC Life Protect Plus Rider – In the unfortunate incident of an accidental death or in the unfortunate event of a cancer diagnosis, this rider offers a proportion of Rider Sum Assured. In short, the HDFC Life Sanchay Fixed Maturity Plan ensures they have your back. Always. 

Easy to purchase, thanks to a super smooth online process that ensure you get protection at the click of a button. And the option to choose from a range of policy terms up to 40 years with flexibility of premium payment! Truly, a relationship worthy of being invested in.

The months that have gone by might have been dark and painful but a new dawn is on the horizon. A new year beckons you with open arms. Embrace it with renewed strength, courage and protection. Embrace the new year with HDFC Life.

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