Mistakes Tourists Make in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tips From Locals

2. Going rafting during monsoon season.

Weather in Chiang Mai.

Weather in Chiang Mai.

Marielle Descalsota/Insider

Thailand, like many countries in Southeast Asia, can have especially unpredictable weather during the monsoon or rainy season. In Chiang Mai, the monsoon season typically starts in May and ends in October.

Chalern, a worker at the local temple, said tourists should be careful of what activities they choose to do during these months. He added that the hot weather can be deceiving, so tourists should still be careful even when it seems sunny outside. 

In July, a Belgian-Thai man was killed after he was swept away while rafting on the Mae Taeng River.

“The biggest no-no is to go rafting while it’s monsoon,” Chalern said. “It can flood very quickly and it’s not safe. But other than that, there are very few things you shouldn’t do, especially when sightseeing in the city.”

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