Surprising Things About Staying in a 212-Square-Foot Tiny House

The kitchen can get messy — fast.

Within moments of arriving at the tiny house, the counter tops were already cluttered.

An arrow points to a cluttered countertop.

Monica Humphries/Insider

Everything in the tiny house had a designated place, but if you didn’t keep up with organizing, it could get messy. 

Within minutes of unloading the groceries we packed for the three-day stay, I already felt overwhelmed by the clutter in our tiny house.

Our takeout food was packed onto one counter, the minifridge quickly filled up, and although we had plenty of storage for the dry goods, I thought the open-concept shelving made it impossible for our groceries to look organized. 

The tiny house also made me realize that if I wanted to re-create the tiny-house staircase storage in my home, I’d want to add cabinet doors to disguise the clutter. 

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