Amy Carlson Died of Alcohol Abuse, Anorexia, and Posioning

  • Amy Carlson, the leader of Love Has Won, a spiritual group considered as a cult, died in April 2020.
  • The autopsy report revealed that she died of alcohol abuse, anorexia, and chronic colloidal silver ingestion.
  • Amy Carlson told her followers that she was God incarnate, and they would call her “Mother God.”

The autopsy report of Amy Carlson, the leader of the spiritual group Love Has Won, has revealed the cause of death of the so-called cult leader.

The newly released report, obtained by Guru Magazine, reveals that she died because of a “global decline in the setting of alcohol abuse, anorexia, and chronic colloidal silver ingestion.” 

Carlson was found dead in a house in Moffat, Colorado, in April 2020. Her mummified body was adorned with heavy make-up and surrounded by a shrine, according to official reports.

Love Has Won has been widely described as a cult. Earlier this year, Insider reported in-depth on allegations of abuse and exploitation from former members.

Carlson told her followers that she was God incarnate, and they would call her “Mother God.”

The autopsy report shows that Carlson died of several preventable factors.

At the time of her death, the autopsy report said 45-year-old Carlson, who was 5 foot 4 inches tall, weighed 75 pounds.

Examination of Carlson’s liver tissue confirmed the presence of silver, the report said, from her regular consumption of colloidal silver.

The report also notes that Carlson’s skin had unnatural blue-grey discoloration caused by the supplement.

The Food and Drug Administration has said consuming colloidal silver is not safe or effective for medical purposes. Love Has Won sold it as a supplement, falsely claiming it to have all-purpose healing benefits.

Sheena* from Rising Above, an organization that supports former members and the families of current members of Love Has Won, said that she was not surprised by the findings.

“Her followers were told – and maybe Amy actually believed at times – that the reason she was wasting away was because humanity was destroying the planet and that Amy was the planet incarnate, Mother Earth,” she said.

The toxicology report also found the presence of opioids hydromorphone and hydrocodone, as well as ethanol and THC.

Although Carlson and her followers denied that she used any drugs, she openly consumed copious amounts of alcohol on camera, often appearing heavily intoxicated and verbally abusive in videos posted on social media.

Along with analysis of her body, the report points to photographic and video evidence showing Carlson appearing increasingly unwell, underweight, and abusing alcohol in the final months of her life.

The report states that there was no evidence of Carlson having cancer, contradicting what she and her followers claimed. Carlson often said she had stage 5 cancer, which does not exist– cancer is typically measured in stages 1 to 4.

Carlson never sought any medical care, and her followers did not take her to see a doctor in her final months.

One video from last October shows Love Has Won group members Aurora and Hope discussing Carlson’s requests to go to a hospital. 

“There’s been moments that Mom has asked us to take her to a 3D hospital, and we’re like, ‘Nope,’” Aurora said in the video. 3D refers to ordinary people’s lower state of consciousness, compared with Love Has Won members’ higher level of 5D consciousness.

Her followers still refuse to describe Carlson’s death, describing it as an “ascension” to a higher level of consciousness, which they say was part of her plan.

*Sheena uses an alias because she still has family involved with the group.

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