Mumbai’s Latest Home Quarantine Rules Amid Omicron Variant Threat In 5 Points

Mumbai's Latest Home Quarantine Rules Amid Omicron Threat In 5 Points

Several measures have been taken by the Mumbai airport amid concerns over the Omicron strain.

The Mumbai municipal agency has released a set of rules to ensure proper monitoring of people in home quarantine amid the Omicron threat. Seven-day home quarantine is a must for international arrivals from at-risk nations.

Here are the top 5 updates on this story:

  1. Mumbai’s “ward war room”, or WWR, team will dial people in home quarantine at least five times a day to monitor their health. It will monitor whether those who are in home quarantine are indeed following the rule.

  2. A software will segregate passengers according to their addresses into 24 wards of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, or MCGM. The disaster management unit will distribute the list of addresses to all the 24 “ward war rooms”, or WWR, and field medical officers.

  3. The WWRs will inform passengers to remain under seven-day home quarantine. They will provide passengers with information on COVID-19 protocols and answer their concerns.

  4. Medical teams will be sent regularly with ambulances to check whether passengers are complying with rules. On Day 7 of home quarantine, WWRs will ensure passengers take RT-PCR test.

  5. Everyday at 9 am, the chief executive of Mumbai International Airport Ltd will send a single list of international passengers arriving in the preceding 24 hours from high-risk and at-risk nations. The list will be sent to the director of the disaster management unit.

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