Kpop fans get their content any way they can. Usually, the go-to way is Youtube. There are times, however, when Youtube isn’t available. What do you do then? Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn on your tv and find your latest obsession dancing across your screen? KPOP-TV might be the answer you need.

Run by a team of broadcasting professionals who are also long-time K-Pop lovers, KPOP-TV produces interviews and programs in studio and on location worldwide. They started in San Fransico and have expanded to cover several T.V. channels and online streaming media platforms across the U.S. like Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix. Now, they’ve hit the East Coast, specifically NYC and Philadelphia.

KPOP-TV Content

KPOP-TV offers a mix of local k-pop programming, Arirang sourced content, and other cultural content, all in English. Some examples of their original programming are:

K-Pop Time — a daily music video show with our iconic V.J.s

Music Makers — interviews with artists, directors, songwriters, and other stars from the industry who provide insight into their experiences

What’s Up K-Pop — our K-Pop news segment

K-Pop Featured Artist — a feature that focuses on one specific artist and dives deep into their discography

K-Pop Dance — easy-to-follow dance tutorials

All-Request Hour — one hour of all music video dedications requested by our viewers

Arirang sourced content includes:

Simply K-Pop — live performances program

Pops in Seoul — new Korean music and interviews with K-Pop artists

Showbiz Korea — the latest news on k-dramas and movies

After School Club — a variety show featuring popular k-pop groups catered toward international fans

Where To Watch

In most cities, you can watch KPOP-TV on channel 32.6, but in some cities, they are on 70.0. Check your local guides for the correct channel. You can also find them on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, and on the LocalBTV mobile app as well as online. The streaming app is free to download and use and also provides a free DVR feature. Together with cable, satellite, broadcast T.V., and streaming media outlets, they bring their programming to more than five million households in each area daily.

I am not in the tri-state area, but if you follow me, you know I was born and bred in New Jersey, so seeing more k-pop come into the city fills my heart with pride. I will be interviewing local dance cover groups in partnership with KPOP-TV because as a lover of dance, I want to learn more about the process. Maybe I’ll even try to learn a dance or two. Maybe.



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Guess what! We’re live in New York! Now you can watch Kpop-Tv in New York and its surrounding areas! Remember to tag your friends to let them know! 👏👏 #kpopinny #kpopinnewyork #kpopinamerica #kpoptv

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I fell into the world of Hallyu by way of Boys over Flowers, but isn’t that always the way? I haven’t looked back since.

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