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Are you going to be busy on the weekend of Oct 17-18, 2020? Well, if you’re staying home like we are all, then you should check out the Joy Ruckus Club. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why? And I’m here to answer, why not? The Joy Ruckus Club is currently the world’s largest Asian American Virtual Music Festival.

They’ve partnered with Sessions, an online platform to create this event. There are tons of artists in attendance, and while it is impossible to list everyone (go to their website for full details), I will talk about a few of my favorites. 

Eric Nam

Since the day I saw his interview with Eat Your Kimchi, I’ve been following Eric’s music career. Yes, it’s from 2013. Yes, I’m that old. Shut up. I like his origin story, and it makes my heart smile seeing him all these years later, doing his thing. In addition to being a musician, Eric has become quite the podcaster. Since I haven’t seen him perform live, this will be the next best thing. 


James Lee

I wrote about James Lee’s latest album, Castles, not too long ago, so check it out here if you’re interested. I’m excited to hear him perform live because I never had an opportunity to go to a concert. I know he was at KCON in 2018, and I was too, but I missed his performance and meet and greet for some reason. Ah well. 

Heesun Lee

I interviewed Heesun back when I was a budding freelancer during the KATCH Hip-Hop Show. She’s been burning up the hip-hop waves ever since and even was a contestant on Show Me The Money 6. Heesun has always broken stereotypes, so I’m looking forward to hearing what she has in store for us. 


If you see me in a norebang, that’s karaoke for my nonKorean speaking friends; you can BELIEVE I’m singing Luna. f(x) was one of my favorite groups, and when she dropped her solo album, I downloaded it with the quickness. I’m sad to say that I fell out of touch with her releases, so I got excited when I saw her name on the line-up list. 


Kevin Woo

Another throwback to the second generation of k-pop! Though I think U-Kiss (Kevin’s debut group) was more like 1.5 generation. Unlike I mentioned above, I did see Kevin perform his solo work during KCON NY 2019. Ride Along is my favorite song, so hopefully, he will bless my ears with it during the festival. 

Where To Get Tickets

Head to The Joy Ruckus Club website to select which level you want. Prices start at $2.99. Some artists also have meet-and-greet options available, which you can find here. Please make sure you get your tickets fast before they’re sold out. 

Let me know which artist you’re most excited to see, and I’ll see you there!


I fell into the world of Hallyu by way of Boys over Flowers, but isn’t that always the way? I haven’t looked back since.

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