CRUSH ‘With Her’ Is A Masterpiece

Crush is back. I repeat, Crush is back. (insert fanfare) It wasn’t that long ago when he gave us the Ohio single album, and now he’s back with With Her. The five-track album will be his last before he starts his military obligations. He’s set to enlist on November 12th, the day before my freaking birthday. Thanks for that present. Seriously though, as a veteran, I understand his decision, so I’m proud of Crush. The two years will go by quickly and hopefully, by then we’ll be able to have concerts again.

Crush’s ‘With Her’ is impressive. Let’s just put it out there now. I usually cry whenever I hear him sing, but something tells me that this isn’t the album for that. I don’t’ mean that as something negative.

It feels and sounds like he put every ounce of himself into the music to give his fans the best he’s ever given. I appreciate this to no end. I was so excited about this album that I was up even earlier than usual to download it. The only thing I need now is a physical copy. While I wait for that, let’s dive into each song, shall we?

Let Me Go with Taeyeon

The title track. Crush and Taeyeon come out swinging with this song. They are swinging on my emotions. Remember when I said this isn’t the album where I cry? Well, forget all about that. Let Me Go is about a fading love and being strong enough to call it quits. We’ve all been through breakups or relationships that have lasted longer than they should. Even if it hurts, you have to let go of that person so that you can move on, grow, heal, etc. Thanks for giving us a song for that, Crush.


Tip Toe with LeeHi

The first thing out of my mouth was okay 90s music. I love that Crush takes us on a journey from ballad to 90s RnB. In his commentary, Crush said working with Lee Hi was like working with a female clone of himself. If this is the type of music he makes with his clone, I am here for it. Tip Toe feels like an ode to club hookups. Imagine eyeing someone across the room while dancing to the music, knowing what the other wants, and then hopping in the ride together. I had to laugh at the line Crush sang, talking about he was more handsome in person. Accurate, but still funny.

Love Encore with Lee SoRa

As soon as I heard this song, I thought of The Girl From IpanemaLove Encore has the same Bossa nova vibe that is just so calming and relaxing. It makes me imagine a warm breeze with the smell of the ocean on it. The lyrics themselves match the mood the music gives. Lee Sora and Crush sing about love blooming in their hearts when it was once empty. 

Can we talk about Lee Sora for a moment? Every song that she features is amazing. I was so surprised and happy when I saw her name attached to this project. Crush really hit a home run with this collaboration.

Step By Step with Yoon MiRae

Even before With Her was released, I knew this was going to be my favorite song. Yoon MiRae is such a powerhouse when it comes to music. Singing, rapping, composing, the woman can do it all. Step By Step shows how well their voices blend. When Crush said he knew he wanted Yoon MiRae to feature on this song and show her RnB side, I almost dropped to my knees and praised God.

This song reminds me of RnB songs from the 90s. Something that you can groove to in the car, while you’re cooking, or (in my case) awake at 5 am downloading Crush’s album. This song has been heavy on repeat for the past hour. My favorite part of the track is when Yoon Mirae giggles at the end, and they just let the music fade out. I live for the 90s music fade-outs, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now.

She Said with Bibi

Make sure you have your headphones on for this song. I watched Crush’s album commentary, and I knew that he said this was going to be suggestive, but I didn’t realize HOW racy. I choked on my coffee, Crush. We’re going to do what? *ahem* And my man won’t find out? Sir, it’s too much. I forgot about this side of Crush but if you’re curious about it, let me redirect you to Simon D’s Make Her Dance. 

With that aside, Bibi and Crush have the best chemistry. It seemed like they were playing off each other with the lyrics and…Bibi got as raunchy as he did.  She Said is a bedroom track that will have you looking at your significant other with ideas. What a hell of a song to end the album with. Applause all around.

With You is a masterpiece. Crush made sure to leave his fans something to remember him by as he enlists. As I said, Step By Step is my favorite, but this album is definitely a no skip for me. Every song is incredible. I just wish it was longer. There are so many other women I want him to collab with like Moon, Jiselle, Nieah, and Jamie. 

Who would you have Crush collaborate with if this were a longer album? Also, let me know what your favorite song is from With Her. 


I fell into the world of Hallyu by way of Boys over Flowers, but isn’t that always the way? I haven’t looked back since.

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