“Sweet Home” Leaves Fans Desperate For Season 2

Three times. I’ve watched Sweet Home three times this week. By the time this post goes live, it might be more. Was the drama that good? Possibly. I have a not so quiet love for horror webtoons, and Sweet Home was one of the first ones I read. When I learned a Korean drama adaptation was coming, I nearly hit the roof. It felt like forever, but after months of waiting, Sweet Home was finally released on Netflix on December 18th. I could wait until I was done with work to start my binge of the ten episodes. I will try my best to avoid spoilers, but sorry in advance if one or two slip by.

Sweet Home – The Show

The live-action starts pretty much the way it does in the webtoon. Cha Hyun Soo is living on his own after his family died. He’s mentally in a bad place and thinking of ending things when someone stops him. Rather than have an audience, he decides to do it on another day. On the way back to his room, he runs into the security guard who is acting peculiar. Later that night, a neighbor knocks on Hyun Soo’s door after seeing something that I could only call a horrific reason. Sweet Home takes off from there. We meet main characters like Pyeon Sang Wook, Lee Eun Hyeok, and Yoon Ji Su and get set up for character development shortly.

Sweet Home group photo

photo credit: Seoulhype

Since this is an adaptation, there were some adds, removals, and changes. I was annoyed about a few of these since I was a hardcore fan of the webtoon and wanted it to stay true to its roots. One of the additions, Lee Si Young’s character Seo Yi Kyung, was a good one, and while I won’t spoil what she does, I will say that I love a strong female lead. Sweet Home has a few of these, which is a refreshing change that fans should appreciate.

The action stayed high throughout the series, and while I’m not a very emotional person (ha), I did need to keep some tissues nearby. So just be prepared for that. Also, be prepared to have unanswered questions by the time the last set of credits roll. The adaptation strays from the webtoon enough that I am not confident in my predictions that I was screaming at anyone who would listen.

Sweet Home – The Music

In the webtoon, there are a few episodes that have background music. Additionally, there is an essential song to Hyun Soo and Ji Soo characters that you hear about throughout the series. That song made the jump to the Netflix series, and while I appreciate that, what got my excitement level high was the soundtrack. While it hasn’t been released to Spotify yet, I am crossing every finger and every toe that it will be there soon.

During the end credit roll of each episode, if you chose to watch it, you’d hear Bewhy‘s Side By Side, a bass-thumping hip-hop bop. You also see some fantastic graphics of the monsters and characters from the show. This is the first time I decided not to use Netflix’s automatic skip credits option. The song is that good.

In many blockbusters, there is a theme song that plays when the protagonist is training or going up against the main boss in an epic fight scene. Imagine Dragon‘s Warriors is that song for Sweet Home. When it played during the first episode’s iconic scene of meeting the first monster, I knew this show would not disappoint. I added a fan-made video below, but it does have some spoilers, so watch it at your own risk.

The way the season ended led viewers to believe there would be a second season. There were so many questions left unanswered. Also, by the time episode 10 ended, the show had strayed so far from the webtoon, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with my speculations. And I had pages of them. Hopefully, season 2 will come sooner than later so fans can get their questions answered.

What did you think about Sweet Home? Do you have any predictions for season 2? Let me know your thoughts below or hit me up on social media. Talk soon!

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