Baekhyun: Light Beyond Live Concert

Baekhyun‘s Light Beyond Live concert was early this morning, and I still haven’t recovered. Before the announcement of his solo concert, I had decided I wasn’t going to do any more late-night events. I work seven days a week with a very early wake-up call, but when Baekhyun, I have to answer. He didn’t disappoint. This review will be detailed but will have fangirl moments, so apologies in advance.

Light Baekhyun

credit: Twitter

The Songs

Baekhyun opened the concert with “Young,” the song he has with AOMG rapper, Loco. Even though Loco wasn’t there, Baekhyun killed the song. I didn’t even miss Loco, no offense. He continued with his verse from EXO‘s “Trouble,” and I almost swallowed my tongue. I wasn’t ready for EXO. I assumed that he would do songs from his two EPs and highlight his new music. I wasn’t wrong, but my goodness, I missed the mark with assumption. By the time he sang “UN Village,” I was wide awake and singing along. Twitter was BUZZING with Baekhyun, and someone was kind enough to create a setlist as he sang to make it easier to remember when exactly I lost my mind.

credit: Twitter


During his first talk segment, I collected myself and thought I was cool until he went to the piano for “What I Want For Christmas” and “My Answer.” My eyes started to blink like that famously overused meme. Baekhyun, singing while playing the piano, is something I need to see live. I’ve already added it to my bucket list. The rest of the night went like this for me. Scream internally at Baekhyun slaying the vocals, recovering during the VCR and talk segments, scream again.

The VCRs

I’m still trying to figure out the VCR, or the Russian drama, as I began to call it. From what I could gather, Baekhyun met and fell in love with a woman who may or may not have been a Russian double agent. They get kidnapped, she dies, and he is sad. The majority of the VCRs set up his intro to “Psycho,” but I feel like I missed some stuff. Baekhyun did play a good psycho, though; I will give him that. Maybe he’ll try his hand at acting in a drama in the future. I’m thinking of a roll like D.O. in “Hello, Monster.” What do you think?

Psycho Baekhyun

credit: Twitter

Japanese Release

Towards the end of the concert, Baekhyun debuted the new m/v for “Get You Alone,” the title track off his upcoming Japanese album. I was on such a high from the quality content he gave his fans that I automatically fell in love with the song. I know it is going to be great. I feel it in my bones. Baekhyun said during one of the talk breaks that he worked extremely hard on this album, and I believe him. The m/v showed his silly side as well as his cool side. The song itself had a city pop vibe with RnB elements that I love and that Baekhyun seems most comfortable with.

During the concert, he also performed “Addicted,” which will be another favorite once the album is released. We are all addicted to Baekhyun at this point.

Final Thoughts

The concert was over too soon. You could tell Baekhyun was ready for it to end, though. He was coughing throughout his talk breaks, and I kept telling those who were there, and Twitter, to get him some water.


Baekhyun put on a hell of a performance and had me so excited that I couldn’t go back to sleep once the concert was over. I won’t embarrass myself by telling you how many cups of coffee I’ve had so far.
If you watched the concert, let me know what your favorite part was and if you didn’t watch it, tell me what song you want to see Baekhyun perform live.

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