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I knew that GOT7’s exclusive contract with JYPE was up but somehow I had not internalised that it would actually be right now, ha. I don’t follow my faves outside promotions which means I don’t follow any fandom content either, I just don’t have the time for that $hit anymore. Otherwise I would have been more aware of the situation at hand. I knew of course that the chances of them re-signing were pretty slim, so the news didn’t come as any sort of surprise. Can’t deny that I’m a bit sad though. It’s another end of an era for me.

JJ Project brought me to GOT7 and their 7for7 album made me a ‘fan’. Even though I like them as a group a lot, it’s the music I fell in love with. I’ve loved every single album from then on and they have given me so much joy over the past three years. I’ve always been a “multi” when it comes to music in general but only couple of groups have turned out to be proper favorites, my ‘ult’ tier I guess. 🙂 As my initial faves left the scene one by one, disbanding, going on exteded hiatus or just quietly disappeared, I no longer followed the scene as closely as I used to when I was a noob. Too many new groups deputed each year and I just had no time to check them out. So for a while I was kind of without any real favorite. Until GOT7 came along and slowly became The Group to pay attention to. It’s such a pity they didn’t get the attention and resources from JYPE they deserved. The promotions for the last comeback were a joke. Had GOT7 been with a company that actually cared for their career, they probably would have re-signed, at least for a couple of more years. Maybe up till the time the Korean members have to go do their military service. But that’s water under the bridge now.

Well, I’m wishing the members all the best at their individual endeavours. Maybe we’ll even see some collaborations in the future, if not group activities. Even though there has so far been no talk of disbanding, it’ll probably be rather difficult for them to continue performing as a full group. I think only Shinhwa has been able to achieve that after the memebers signed for different companies, and even they have been mostly inactive for the past couple of years.

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