Truck Appears To Go On Rampage In US Town

A truck hits a car and brushes past another near Nevada, the United States.

A video is going viral on internet, which shows a truck brushing past an SUV near a small town in Nevada, the United States. The man who shot the video claimed that the semi-truck was on a rampage.

The video, uploaded by ViralHog, begins with the shot of a parking lot for truck drivers. A semi, which later went on a rampage, is seen launching towards a small pick-up truck which was passing by. After missing it, the driver makes a sharp left turn and tries to mow down an SUV.

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The truck driver then goes around the back of a building in the parking area and comes on the main road. He then hits a car, which is just coming out of the gas station.

The person who shot the video has been identified as Jose Losoya by ViralHog.

Losoya further told ViralHog the many people tried to help the woman in the first pick-up truck, while her husband kept knocking on the truck driver’s door to get out.

The tape was seized by police and state troops, who later arrested the driver.

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