Netflix closes deal with CJ E&M, ramps up Kdrama offering and embraces webdramas

We previously covered Netflix’s recent decisions to commission, not one but two, original Korean dramas for global distribution on its service.

While Netflix’s first Korean film Okja took the spotlight of the past two months, as it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2017 and was then made available globally from 28 June, Netflix has also been actively ramping up its catalogue of third-party acquired Korean films but also television series.

Back in November 2016, it hired a specialist for acquisitions of Korean contents for its local and international footprint, Minyoung Kim (previously Head of Content Partnerships in Asia Pacific for Twitter).

On 21 April 2017, Netflix experimented with its first simulcast of a Korean drama with jTBC’s Man to Man. This built up upon a relationship previously established back in February 2016, when it released Beating Again (which was made available to Korean audiences too this 22 June) among others.

Netflix has since acquired and released a few more Korean dramas from jTBC (and even some variety shows), as well as relatively less popular titles from the two of three national Korean networks, MBC and SBS.

Most recently, it has closed a deal with leading Korean media conglomerate CJ E&M to bring its most exciting TV series to the service. The latest of those is crime thriller series Stranger (aka Secret Forest), which will be released on 1 August.

Netflix has also started adding a number of Korean webdramas, showing its desire to embrace this new wave – including commissioning one of its own, My Only Love Song.


We have listed below all the Korean dramas released on the service over the past 3 months (please note some may not be available in the United Kingdom) (source: @netflixkr_up):


My Little Baby (마이 리틀 베이비)Drama10-Jun-2017MBCMBC


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